Stop deportation! Fighting causes of flight!

Loads of you probably remembering the situation a year ago as millions of people were forced to flee from their homelands. For thousands of them Rostock was one part of their escape route. Many

of them made their way to Scandinavia via the ferry port. These and many more people who were looking for safety and protection – are not “safe” anymore. The politicians want them to return to the first state in which they have been registered or force them to go directly back to their homeland which are war-zones. Humanity looks different. Whether terrorized by islamist groups or excluded by social and economic life because of their ethnic origin or exploited by international companies – there is no other opportunity for a better human life than to flee. Only those people are allowed to stay which are profitable. All the others will probably end up in misery, because they will send them back. It won`t be long that those affected refugees are forced to get back to the ferry port in Rostock and almost certainty they will bring them to the airport Rostock Laage to deport them. Such an injustice and inhumanity we will not stand without action.

Fight with us for the RIGHT TO STAY FOR EVERYONE until no one is forced to escape and until everyone can settle down where they want.

Refugees Welcome!